Album and Wall Art Design For Busy Photographers

Ever wish you could clone yourself, and have someone do all of the things in your photography business that you don't have time for or don't bring you joy?

Well, no, we aren't going to handle your bookkeeping and taxes, but we absolutely can save you time and increase your album and wall art sales. Oh, and we'll treat your clients just as amazingly as you do in the process!

We're an extension of your brand

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Running a successful photography studio is a lot of work. You need to manage clients, schedules, personal life, social media, your website and much more; all while keeping your skills and communication at a high level. If you're like many of our studios, there are certain parts that cause more stress than others. Slowly, these aspects of business lead to burnout, frustration, and a poor client experience. 

Enter StoryBook Design Co. We act as an extension of your brand and care for your clients as much as you do. Our process will save you time, increase your revenue, enhance the customer experience, streamline your workflow, and expand your brand.

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Our Process

Sound too good to be true? Use our contact form to schedule a time to connect with us to learn more. 

Fuller Photography

"Storybook Design Co has been a gift from above! Adding them to my business was seamless and took so much work off of my plate." 

Morby Photography

"Using Storybook is a no brainer! They handle everything album related so we can better focus on other areas of our business. Do you want to make more money on album upgrades, improve customer experience and get your time back? Um, yes, sign me up!!"

This is our flagship service where we act as an extension of your brand and handle the design, communication, sales, and ordering for you. 

Done for you


If you've fallen behind a bit and need some help getting caught up, this may be perfect for you.

Catch Up


Perfect for studios who just want to gain some feedback in order to create a better experience for their clients and to make more money.

one on one


If album design and sales are your jam, but you feel like something may be off, sometimes it's helpful to get another set of eyes on your process, workflow, communication and sales strategy. 

Our one on one consulting option is tailor made for you. We will break down your workflow, talk through pricing structure, and give you tips and tricks to better communicate with your clients throughout the entire process. 
Fill out our contact form and mention that you're interested in our one on one strategy session. 


One on One


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We've all been at that point in our business where we are up against a little more than we can handle. Whether it's a busy time of year, you're tied up with personal commitments, or you're just trying to wipe the slate clean, getting your backlog of albums designed can be a huge time saver. 

With this service, we'll get you get caught up on as many or few albums as you like- we offer significant bulk discounts as well. 

Our designers will download your gallery, create up to 50 spreads to your liking, and then send you the final FSD files for you to order. *One batch of revisions is included.


Help in a Pinch

Custom Pricing

Get Caught Up

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If you read through the first two options, and you're like "No, I just want someone else to handle all of this for me", this is the service for you. 

When you use our full-service plan, we handle everything: communication, design, scheduling, sales, ordering, and more. No, we aren't going to squeeze every last penny out of them, or make them feel bad for not buying it all. Rather, we'll take time to listen to their wants and needs and guide them to an outcome they're thrilled with, and make you more money in the process. Bottom line? We're likely going to be one of the last interactions they have with your brand, and our goal at the end of the day is to have them raving to their friends about your studio! 

So, are you ready to get started?

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